Shop develop water-proof sanshin

Machidaya, a manufacturer of sanshin, has developed an instrument it calls “Sanlele” that is a mix of sanshin and Hawaiian ukulele, and now, as its latest version, they offer a new instrument they call “Umi Ashibi” that is a water-proof “Sanlele.”

As it’s a waterproof instrument, the company suggests that one can play it on a boat of even on a SUP. The new instrument went on sale on their website on Aug. 10th, and it has proven popular with about 50 of them sold in a month.

According to Machidaya, the idea for “Sanlele” came from Alberto Shiroma, the leader of Diamantes, to attract participants to the World Uchinanchu Festival. “Sanlele” went on sale in 2009, but has sold only 10 per year.

A marine shop owner in Kuroshima suggested to make a water-proof version of “Sanlele” a few years ago. The instrument body is made of acrylic, and a four-layer waterproof paint covers the neck.

Muneo Machida, the director of Machidaya, says, “You can enjoy it on the poolside, during marine activities, and on the sea. It could also be enjoyable to play it while doing SUP yoga.”

“Umi Ashibi” costs ¥16,200 (including tax). During September one can get a ¥2,000 discount. For details, call Machidaya at 098-958-3090.


22:56 24 Jun , 2024