Higashihama is winningest pitcher in Pacific League

Nao Higashihama, a pitcher with the SoftBank Fukuoka Hawks, and pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of Seibu Lions are the winningest pitchers in the Pacific League this season. Both have 16 wins topping the league, and on their way to win the title for the first time.

Higashihama, who is playing his 5th year as a professional, has made a strong contribution to his team this season leading them towards the league championship.

Higashihama started his baseball career in Yonaha Strong, a boys’ baseball team in Okinawa and led his team of Okinawa Shougaku High School to the high school baseball championship in 2008. He started his professional career entering Softbank as the top of the draft in 2012.

In the past, the late Hideki Irabu, who also was from Okinawa and played for Hanshin Tigers and NY Yankees, reached 15 wins in 1994, and Souhachi Aniya, an ex-pitcher for Hiroshima Carp, had 23 wins in 1968.

13:29 25 May , 2024