Namie Amuro’s newest album sold 1.11 million copies first week

Oricon Inc., a music information company, announced Monday that Namie Amuro’s latest album “Finally”, has sold 1.113 million copies during its first week on sale.

According to Oricon, the album by the 40-year-old Okinawan diva is the first to sell more than one million copies in the first week of publishing since an album by Hikaru Utada in 2004. “Finally” is also Amuro’s second best-selling next to “Sweet 19 Blues” in 1996.

The album is Amuro’s 6th album to sell more than one million copies. She was the first female artist whose albums have sold over one million copies while she was in her teens, 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Amuro recently announced her intention to retire in September 2018.

19:34 14 Jul , 2024