Special Money Collection from all of the world

OkiEvent! The exhibition of the Special Money Collection all of the world! @ Ginowan city museum.

You can watch and enjoy very rare and special money collection from all over the world, more than 200 countries, at the Ginowan city museum Apr. 20~Jun. 2nd. (Tuesdays are closed)

Very rare Ryukyu Kingdom coins, A-yen and B-yen moneys which were circulating when Okinawa was under the U.S. control, super limited numbered memorial coins and much more!


Why don’t you visit the museum and enjoy such super collections!


Free to enter. (Every Tuesdays are off)

PIN: https://maps.app.goo.gl/o7F55eRJoRXWBJwz6

02:01 31 May , 2024