Sunflowers in Winter? Yes, in Okinawa!

Naturally, when you mention sunflowers, most people immediately think of an array of yellow lit flowers stretching out towards the horizon with a backdrop of a deep blue sky, under the glazing summertime sun. Except…in Okinawa, we call it winter. Sunflower Festivals are normally held during the winter due to the island’s warm climate this time of year. The most popular Sunflower Festival is the Kitanakagusuku Village Sunflower Festival at the Shiosaien Field in Kitanakagusuku Village (2070-16 Atta, Kitanakagusuku Village) from March 3rd through the 18th. They are expecting more than 100,000 sunflowers this year. Entry is free. Opens 10:00~16:00 every day. They have an official Facebook Page; use search term, “HimawarInKitanakagusuku in the Facebook search bar.

Over 100,000 sunflowers expected to bloom at the annual Kitanakagusuku Sunflower Festival.

Another popular sunflower event is at the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park. A maze composed of live sunflowers will be set up to entertain your kids. With 2 meters of wall to wall sunflowers, there will surely be plenty of fun to go around. But don’t worry about getting lost! The maze is manageable in size. You’ll make it out before winter is over! Location: 444 Mabuni, Itoman City.

Who says getting lost can’t be fun? A-maze yourself
in a maze of sunflowers. Fun for all kids and adults.

19:57 16 Apr , 2024