THE KAJIMAYA, a Non-Verbal Entertainment Comedy

Koza Music Town presents “Kajimaya”, a non-verbal entertainment performance. The program will start at 19:00 on Friday, June 8 and will be held in Okinawa City at the Koza Music Town Sound Market Square. “Kajimaya” is an Okinawan word meaning “windmill”. It is also a name for a very important custom in Okinawan culture; it is a celebration of an elderly person who reaches the young age of 97. District precincts normally hold a big celebration party for those who turn 97 on September 7th of the Lunar Calendar; September 7th having the numerical representation of 9-7.

It has become a modern custom to dress the “birthday girl/boy” in a special ceremonial attire. Usually, the women are donned in red and men in black and gold. And health permitting, they are paraded around the community, congratulated by people of all ages (sometimes this is done in a decorated  convertible if available). The concept of the windmill is a metaphor for the wheel of life; we start out as children and as we reach 97, we return as children.

The performance on June 8th is about this Kajimaya concept; it is a comical look about the circle of life. The performance uses body language, human emotion, and satire to convey its meaning. So, knowing Japanese is not a must. Just watch and be entertained! Advance tickets sell for ¥2,000 for adults and ¥1000 for elementary school students and ¥2500 for adults and ¥1000 for elementary school students at the door. Children under 6 can get in for free but must sit on the parent’s lap. For more information visit,|kajimaya-|3808 (site in Japanese).


20:47 14 Jul , 2024