Chatan town wins the #1 most comfortable town in Okinawa

Daito Kentaku is one of the leading real estate service companies in Japan and recently took a poll on the internet. The results are in and they have announced the rankings for the most comfortable city and also the city that most people want to live in on Okinawa in 2020.

Chatan town was selected as the most comfortable city on Okinawa for two straight years in a row.

Nakagusuku village was selected for 2nd place, Haebaru town won 3rd place, , Tomigusuku city won 4th place and Nanjo city was selected as 5th place.

The Chatan town results were based on very good service provided by the Town hall Staff, many family parks in the area, and a good green environment.

The results for Nakagusuku Village included a cozy and clean environment, a high population of children and also that their future looks very bright.

Naha city was voted as the number city that most people want to live in. Urasoe city taking 2nd place, Chatan town taking 3rd place , Okinawa city taking 4th place and 5th place goes to Ginowan city.

There are many great cities and towns on Okinawa, so please go out and explore!

17:28 21 Apr , 2024