Chura-Sun Beach receives temporary new name

The name of the Chura-Sun beach which is located in Tomigusuku city will be changed to “Orion Eco Chura-Sun beach” starting November 1st for three years.

Chura Sun Beach in Toyosaki is the largest man-made beach on the island.

It’s a naming right project. Tomigusuku city and Orion Beer Company have paired up for the next three years.

This is the first time for Okinawa beach to pair up with another company.

The president of Orion Beer, Keijyu Hayase, says Orion Beer company has been making a strong effort to preserve our ocean since company was founded 60~70 years ago. They hope to sponsor events at the beach in the future.

Tomigusuku city mayor Hitoshi Yamakawa says the Chura-Sun beach has been opened for 10 years now, and the new temporary name shows us that it has a very bright future!

The naming contract will be active for 3 years from November 1st in 2020 thru October 31st in 2023. Orion Beer sponsorship of the beach cost about ¥9.9 million yen.

00:05 28 May , 2024