Recording services offered to the public at Ashibina hall

Okinawa Public Theater Ashibina in Okinawa city is offering recording services in the hall of the facility. Due to COVID-19, a lot of events are cancelled or postponed and the hall currently has a very slow schedule.

The operator of the facility is generously offering this service which allows anyone to make a recording in the hall. You can record songs such as classic music, group singing, Eisa performances and much more.

The acoustics in the hall is different from the acoustics in a studio, and the high ceiling makes for a very good echo.


It is very rare to have recording equipment installed in a hall facility and this is a very special opportunity.

The manager of the facility says there are many people who lost the chance to have a stage show or a recital, and they hope people will come out and play or sing a recording to celebrate their achievement.

You can choose from a few service plans such as making a couple of CDs, or 100 CDs, or 300 CDs, or 500CDs and more. The fee includes using the hall, using musical instruments, recording, editing, CD producing and the assistance of the recording staff .

If interested, call 098-934-8487

21:57 20 Jul , 2024