Guinness World Record holder Ryo Kyuna is recognized as the highest medal holder for karate

Ryo Kyuna is from Okinawa and is a member of the Ryuei-ryu style of Karate.

He has been certified as the Guinness record holder with the highest gold medal count in the World Karate Premium League.

Kyuna has won 19 gold medals in the league!

The World Karate Premium League is the International competition of Karate and only those that rank above the 50th position can enter.
Kyuna won the league gold medal in Turkey in 2012 for the first time, and won the 19th medal at the competition in Bali in January this year.

His karate master Tsuguo Sakumoto has also been certified by the Guinness World Records in the past. He has won the International Karate Championship for three straight years.

Kyuna is considered as one of the most promising candidates to join the upcoming Tokyo Olympics karate competition in the 2021 Olympics.

07:46 18 Jun , 2024