AMICUS operates dual track education programs

Okinawa AMICUS International School has a curriculum plan for just about everybody, operating dual education tracks that provide intense English language training for some, while a more traditional international program for other students more versed in English.

The Uruma City-based school offers certificates of graduation for Japanese Elementary School or Junior High School in Okinawa, working an Immersion Course for primarily Japanese children or foreigners who live in Okinawa and speak fluent Japanese. The classes use intense English training, except for Japanese and Social Studies classes. Classes are taught by foreign teachers, with assistant teachers fluent in Japanese alongside.

The International Course curriculum is similar, but since it is geared to students already speaking English at a native level, have a slightly different focus. They do, however, take classes in Japanese language and in Japanese social studies, in compliance with Japanese law.

Classrooms are side-by-side, and aside from actual learning periods, the children are together. Admission to AMICUS is by examinations offered every October. The AMICUS campus also offers a Pre-School, accepting kids for training to pass the examination to enter AMICUS, or for others wanting more tutoring in an English environment.

A one-year AMICUS Pre-School is available for kids ages 4, 5 and 9 because of the AMICUS entry process. Students can enroll in the pre-school anytime, as long as there are spaces available. For four-year-olds, Course A offers 1 ½ hour classes Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 p.m. ~ 5 p.m., while Course B is 5:10 p.m. ~ 6:40 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Course E1 is Saturdays 9 a.m. ~ Noon, and Course E2 is Saturdays 1 p.m. ~ 4 p.m.

For Age 5, Course C operates Wednesday and Friday 3:30 p.m. ~ 5 p.m., while Course D is 5:10 ~ 6:40 on Wednesday and Friday. Course F1 operates Saturday 9 a.m. ~ Noon and F2 from 1 p.m. ~ 4 pm. For nine-year-olds, Course G operates Saturdays 9 a.m. ~ Noon and Course H from 1 p.m. ~ 4 p.m. Students may enroll in the classes anytime.

AMICUS officials emphasize that pre-school is intended to prepare students for using English or operating in an international atmosphere. Once through pre-school, youngsters must still take the entry exams for AMICUS like any other students. AMICUS is offering a summer school program. Information is available on the school’s website,

00:28 21 May , 2024