The special products fair of Toyama prefecture

OkiEvent! The special products fair of Toyama prefecture will happen at the Miaham boardwalk in Chatan town next weekend!

Toyama prefecture is located in Hokuriku (mid-north part) district in mainland Japan and its famous place for the Japanese Alpine, means a great place for skiing!

Also there are bunch of special products made in Toyama, and they will come to Okinawa! You can meet and touch their special products at the Mihama Boardwalk in Chatan! It should be a great experience, opportunity and could find a wonderful gift to the Father’s Day either 😁

On the 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun), the special fair about Toyama products will happen and offering some food tastings, workshops that an original chopsticks craft and creating natural stone monument using a special Kanaya stone which is only produced at Toyama prefecture. Some foundation parts of the Kanazawa castle were built by Kanaya stone.

Traditional Japanese wall scroll made from a Kimono, special potteries made by Toyama clay, Toyama rice, sponge cucumber skin lotion, soy sauce, boiled firefly squid and much more products are waiting for your visit!

If you don’t have a chance on that weekend, don’t worry, a special booth for those Toyama products are now ready to attract you at the RYSION select shop in Mihama until June 30th!

Why don’t you visit and find some special gift for you and your special person 😁


Mihama Boardwalk:

17:47 15 Jun , 2024