Retro American drive-in opens in Awase

A new affiliated restaurant of Obbligato, “Mark’s Drive-in”, is now open in the Awase district of Okinawa City.

Mark’s Drive-in, located on the east coast of Awase on Highway 329, has been modeled after drive-in style restaurants in America, so the restaurant looks like a retro designed drive in from a movie. The restaurant opened yesterday.

Obbligato Manager Toru Okubo says “Our thinking when creating Mark’s Drive-in was to create a place that a customer is able to walk into with a light heart. The restaurant holds down prices, and has terrace seats, so everybody can walk into the restaurant any time while driving, shopping or whenever.”

The menu is all original, and all is available for a takeout. It is like a parlor style restaurant. Mark’s Drive-in uses tortillas for their tacos and burritos from their own factory in Uruma city. All tortillas used for all menus is fresh and tasty.

The restaurant’s specialty is smoked ingredients such as smoked chicken and smoked bacon. The smoked ingredients are used in tacos and burritos. Tacos and burritos being always special foods of Obbligato, Tortilla Factory, of course, Mark’s Drive-in, too.

The menus at Mark’s Drive-in are lower price than in Obbligato or Tortilla Factory. For example, two tacos cost \390, while a burrito goes for \390. The smoked ingredients are made at their branch. “Smoked bacon is used only in burritos now, but in the future, maybe they find their way on our pizzas,” Okubo said.

Another ingredient recommended is carnitas, which is torn pork meat. Carnitas is one of the more popular food ingredients in Obbligato.

Other tacos and burritos’ ingredients are available. Customers can choose many ingredients from various items, and can build their favorite tacos or burritos to their liking. Mark’s Drive-in has other meals that are available only at Mark’s Drive-in, such as tortilla chips, with tortillas made at their own factory, tapioca drink, Oppa iced cream that is famous among Okinawa residents, Keema Curry that is developed by Chika Takami, wife of Mark Esparza, the owner of Mark’s Drive-in. The curry is a specialty of the Esparza family’s cooking, and guests can add any topping freely such as onions, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard and almost anything. The restaurant serves some side dishes such as French fries, mix pizza and more. Adding \200 guests can include soup and fried potato or chips create a set meal.

The owner of Mark’s Drive-in, Mark Esparza says “I wanted to open a new style restaurant, and so started such a drive-in style restaurant. Mark’s Drive-in will be paced by our customers’ voice. We set questionnaire on terrace seats’ table, so please tell us what you want. Your voice will make our restaurant a more fantastic place. We will respond your voice. Mark’s Drive-in is close to you.”

Mark’s Drive-In is open 24 hours every day, making it possible to eat very good tacos or burritos any time. Free parking is available, and about 10 cars fit into the car park. Reservations are available at (098) 933-9229.Mark’s Drive-In is located on Highway 329 in the Awase district of Okinawa City, on the opposite side of Max Plus Square in Awase.

22:41 24 Jun , 2024