Tenkaichi Super Fight pits ex-Champion, Challenger

Former class champion Mike Wimmer moved to America, returning his champion’s belt, making way for challengers. Koji of Joytoy is making his second challenge for the title, going up against James Gordon Lewis, a fighter with a three-match winning streak.

Koji of Joytoy is an all-round fighter, bringing strong blowing, throwing and pinning techniques, while James is strong and powerful, with a build much heavier than Koji of Joytoy. His style of fighting is termed “aggressive”. Some say Koji has a slightly better chance of winning by pins, largely because of his judo experience and the ability to deal blows from a standing position. James, however, could make it a short fight if his one-punch-KO punch finds its way against Koji’s jaw.

Also on the Tenkaichi card is an all Okinawa Lightweight title match between MAX and Leandro. Some are calling this “the greatest match” because Leandro Kussano is a specialist in pinning, holding a brown belt title with Brazilian jujitsu. Leandro holds more than 70 jujitsu medals, and has a history that includes winning the Gracie Cup, a test of Jujitsu technique. He’s also skilled at arm lock and choking techniques.

Kickboxer Max Mustaki says his MMA technique makes him a “complete fighter”.

The fight’s Sunday at Koza Music Town. Doors open at 3:30 p.m., with challenge bouts at 4 p.m. and the Super Fight at 5 p.m. Advance General admission is ¥3,500 or $45, with Ringside tickets ¥4,500 or $60. Special Ring Side seats are ¥5,500 or $75. All tickets are $5 more at the door. Tickets are available at the Mail Center at Kadena Air Base, 959-4524, or Camp Foster, 646-2911.

02:07 28 May , 2024