22nd annual Hokkaido Exhibition until Monday

The 22nd annual Hokkaido Exhibition at the Ryubo Department Store is winding down, ending a two-week run on Monday.

A strong feature of the annual exhibition is the Hokkaido Ramen, one of the most popular in the nation.   Now presented at the Ryubo site on the 6th floor is the Hakodate district “Hakodate Men Chubo” made famous by Shio Ramen.  Another ramen featured is Ezo Fukurou from Sapporo, a famous s miso ramen.

Also at the food booths are seafood and farmed crops from Hokkaido.  A bento box with fresh crab, salmon roe or salmon, and sweet corn that can be eaten without boiling are also popular.  A feature this year allows customers to purchase buckets of crops for only ¥550 each.

As for sweets, Omocchizu is tasty and looks like Omochi ricecake or cheese.  There’s also a lot of fresh cream in the Hokkaido products.  Also being served are croquettes, cheeses, hams, seaweeds and jingisukan (barbequed mutton), all from Hokkaido.

The Exhibition runs through Monday, 10:30 a.m. ~ 7:30 p.m., except Monday when the exhibition ends at 5 p.m.

10:49 04 Mar , 2024