500 dancers to perform at Yomitan Takashiho Eisa

Hundreds of Eisa dancers are going through final rehearsals for Sunday’s Takashiho Street Eisa in Yomitan Village, where more than 3,000 spectators are expected to turn out.

The Takashiho Eisa Festival begins at 3 p.m., running for a full three hours with nine eisa groups performing, one every 15 minutes. Youth and kids’ eisa teams from Takashiho, Namihiri, Nagahama, Zakimi, Uza, Gima, Senaha, Tokeshi and Takashiho will be performing.

The festival replaces, more or less, the Yomitan Eisa Festival that was scheduled for last weekend and canceled because of Typhoon Bolaven. The event takes place on Takashiho Street in Yomitan Village, also known as Highway 6, the main route through the village.

To get there, travel north on Highway 58 past Kadena Air Base. Turn left on Highway 6 toward Torii Station main gate. Continue about 5-7 minutes past the Torii Station main gate, and you’ll encounter the Eisa site by the Yomitan Post Office. Officials say there will be traffic restrictions in place for the afternoon.

13:24 04 Mar , 2024