Black Music Day being staged Sunday in Naha

Organizers are billing Sunday evening’s music bash at the Club Toop and Chocolate Milk as the greatest black music party in Okinawa.

The Sunday evening concert gets under way at 8 p.m., with guests able to transit back and forth between the two downtown Naha avenues. With the following day a national holiday in Japan, organizers say the evening promises to be a wild one-nighter with three great guests and deejays.

One of the pop guests is Serjiho Muto, main vocalist of the James Brown Tribute. Muto’s devoted his life to soul music, and promises to turn his heart loose Sunday night. Another guest is Woddy fuck, who plays Talk Box and belongs to Gerg Jackson Inc.. She’s been staged by Gerg J. of Zapp, and will focus Sunday on the time with Muto. Special guest deejay for the evening is Kawabata, famous for his compilation album Soul Galaxy, and has been the grand person of theSoul Bar.

In addition, deejays O-Jee, Cherry Soul Talking and Hiroyuki Chocolate Milk are making music. Advance tickets are ¥2,500 and are limited to 200. Walk-up tickets are ¥3,000. Seven times of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are free. Advance tickets are available at O-Jee, Soul Talkin, Chocolate Milk, Black Harlem, Bar Wonder, Club Thyme, Miracle and Ebonys Bar.

00:58 28 Feb , 2024