Coran serves up relaxation in variety of styles

An esthetic salon in Chatan is taking relaxation to a whole new level, offering multiple treatments that provide comfort and an invigorating feeling.

It all takes place at Coran, where at reasonable prices there are five different treatment courses being offered, ranging from traditional Thai massage to a refreshing osteopathy, relaxation spa, an oil massage and even foot massage. At Coran’s, customers make selections based upon how they feel upon arrival. With traditional Thai massage, settle back for a slow rhythm massage; no pain, but plenty of pleasure. Coran’s Thai massage improves bad circulation of the blood, and improves circulation. It involves activating lymph nodes flowing to stimulate osteopathic energy routes that circulate through the human body,. It’s called “Sen”.

Loose fitting clothing’s a must for a Thai massage. The massage course is 60 minutes for \3,980, 90minutes for \5,970 and 120minutes for ¥7,960. The Relaxation Spa another of Coran’s recommendations. The Spa treats foot, back, décolleté, head massage and facial seat mask. It is recommended for persons who have stiffness, coldness, weariness, swelling and tiredness. This is the top class quality relaxation in Coran. At first, slowly absorb the rhythm oil massage, and after the oil massage, take a shower and then, spend luxury time in the Jacuzzi.

The Relaxation Spa course is popular among foreign customers. The spa course is 70minutes for \5,980, 90minutes for ¥8,970 and 120minutes for \11,960. When receiving treatment, you need to wear paper type shorts. Accelerate improvement of muscle tiredness and stiffness by using the best selected oils. The oil massage moisturizing affects make your skin moist and glisten. The oil massage is 60minutes for \3,980, 90minutes for \5,970 and 120minutes for \7,960.

A Foot massage course relaxes completely, with emphasis on the points on the sole of foot, accelerating exhaust of waste products that collected on the soles of a foot and make relax a primary, healthy theme. This course treats feet centering under knees, using oil. Foot massage is 60minutes for \2,980 with 90-minute treatment costing ¥4,980.

Coran offers osteopathic treatments to take kinks out of muscles using thumb and palm pressure. Refreshing osteopathy is 60minutes for \2,980. Patrons can add other treatment as options. Simply ask Coran’s staff.

Relaxation campaigns at Coran are special, and First time visitors can add 10 minutes for free to 60 or 70-minute or courses. Relaxation at Coran welcomes anybody, including men or couples.

Usually Relaxation Coran requires a reservation by phone at (098) 989-9945. English menu and explanation sheets are available. Staff member Maiko Nakaoji said “Coran’s treatments are reasonably priced comparing to other shops, but we have confidence in our service. Please come and try. We are confident that you will be satisfied.” Coran’s business hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., with final reception at 7 p.m. It is open every day except for the year-end and New Year days

Coran has free parking for eight vehicles. It’s located on Highway 58 in Chatan. Go straight on Highway 58 from Camp Foster Kitamae Gate towards Chatan , and when reaching a traffic signal at Blue Seal Ice Cream, you can see Coran’s building on your left next to Autobacks. shop.

10:17 05 Mar , 2024