Everest Indian Kitchen aims to summit

Taste tempting Indian cuisine is literally ‘just around the corner’ from Kadena Air Base, serving a variety of Indian lunch and dinner specialties.

Everest Restaurant is located next door to Altec, just outside Kadena’s Gate 2, putting the all staff to the daily test of delicious meals. Manager Bhim Khatri brings his culinary expertise to Okinawa after four years in Shizuoka. He’s tapped Vimal Regmi as his Chef, who has six years in Singapore and Malaysia, and another five in Japan working as an Indian chef in his experience, and Sagar Upreti as Tandoori Chef.

Khatri says that the #1 lunch favorite in Everest is Chicken Butter Masala, a sweet and mild curry. Those who prefer spicier fare usually choose Chicken or Mutton curries.

While the Chicken Butter Masala is at the top of the lunch specials, three different sets are available from 11 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. Sets range from ¥800 ~ 1,100, while the kids’ lunch is only ¥600.

It gets even better at dinnertime, 4 p.m. ~ 10 p.m. The Special Occasions recommendation from Chef Regmi is the Everest Special Set for only ¥2,200. Tantalizing, the special includes soup, four different curries of the customer’s choice, Shish Kebab, Tandoori chicken, Saffron rice, salad, fruits, choice of Naan and soft drinks.

For those who like spicy foods but do not want to settle for a set menu, there is a selection of spicy barbeque dishes including Tandoori Chicken (¥250), Seek Kebab (¥200), Chicken Tangri Kebab (¥350), Boti Kebab (¥350) and Tandoori Prawns (¥250). Barbeque dishes also make a nice addition to any set menu.

Everest Restaurant seats 50 for everyday dining, and makes arrangements for separating the dining areas for parties. Free parking is available in front of the restaurant.

Manager Khatri says that he and his staff are eager to serve the best an Indian kitchen has to offer to all of their customers.

11:14 21 Feb , 2024