Itoman sets 2-day Kyan Eisa for end of August

The 48th Itoman Kyan Eisa is ready to roll, using its special paranku drum with plenty of hand movements and a low dance style.

The Kyan Eisa is performed in front of the Kyan Agricultural Association Building Aug. 30 ~ 31. The public square atmosphere of the performance location lends itself to the Chondaras dancing, a Kyan Eisa specialty. While performing, Chondara holds kids at random from the audience. It’s said that children who are held will receive good fortune in the future. Of course, the frightening nature of Chondaras has many kids running away.

Kyan is in the southernmost part of Okinawa’s main island. A visit to Cape Kyan, where the view is spectacular, is also recommended as part of the weekend visit. Other area districts in Itoman are also hosting Eisa events the same weekend.

Eisa events Aug. 30 ~ Sep. 1 will also be at the Community Center of Ozato, the Zaha Community Center, and at Nishizaki. The Komesu Eisa takes place at the Komesu Center, and Taketomi Eisa on the road in Taketomi district is only on Sep. 1.

01:22 21 May , 2024