Koza Automobile has solutions to car woes

The service center is located in Ikento.

Koza Automobile is reaching out to foreigners, reminding them how their company can take care of all automotive needs.

Koza Automobile handles used car sales, vehicle repairs, Japanese Car Inspection (JCI), and tire sales. Used car sales are at Koza Automobile main office, while all other work is done at Koza Automobile Service Center.

Foreign customers are on the rise at the service center these days, and Koza Automobile says almost all foreign customers are using its facilities for JCI. The work processes are done at one location, making it easier for foreigners to work car business into their schedules. Koza Automobile says people trust in their work, and that’s why people visit to the shop.

Koza Automobile Service Center staff explains to a customer what is needed to be done.

Workers at Koza Automobile are never deceptive to customers, from the initial visit when they take the car apart in front of the customer, put the car on a lift and explain the problems, to the time they begin work.  Estimates are always free, and in the estimate, Koza Automobile offers work plans showing how they will fix everything that’s in bad condition, or only to absolute minimum necessary if the customer so wants.  Every step of the way, they talk with customers, showing the plans, discussing the repairs, and offering an exact set of choices available.

When discussing problems, Koza Automobile explains the facts, so you can know everything about your car and even decide to fix it yourself, if you want.  If you want to fix the car by yourself, Koza Automobile will explain how easy it is to fix a part of your car, and then fixes only things that are in so bad condition you possibly cannot fix by yourself.

According to the shop manager, Rinsei Shimabukuro, there are many people who visit the shop to prepare their car for its inspection for sale because they’re leaving and going back home. Shimabukuro says “We work and recommend our service with plenty of confidence. Our service is special, and reliable. Please call us when your car something wrong. We will fix your car perfectly for sure. If you have any question, come on and tell us. We will give solution to your car”.

An estimate takes about 30 minutes, and if your car has no problems, the process will be finished in less than an hour. Koza Automobile provides you with a loaner car if needed while your car is undergoing inspection.

English speaking staff are available, and credit cards are accepted. Koza Automobile is open 9:00 a.m. ~ 5:30 p.m., daily, but is closed noon to 1 p.m. It’s also closed on Sundays and Japanese holidays. If you have something to ask about your car, you should call Koza Automobile at 090-5483-9617.

01:23 22 May , 2024