Makeman celebrates 27th anniversary

Makeman’s Mihama DIY Center is celebrating Makeman’s 27th anniversary by having a sale on garden supplies.

With the weather cooling down, there’s no better time to focus on the gardening and associated yard work, and Makeman is making it fun with a special Garden Center 27th Anniversary Sale. The sale at Makeman’s Mihama Do It Yourself Center starts today and runs through next Tuesday, October 16th.

The Garden Centers are featuring a wide range of merchandise, including saplings, foliage plants, gardening tools and other items related to gardening. Daily necessities, car items and other household goods are available at the Makeman branches. Makeman Mihama Branch in Mihama American Village next to the Ferris Wheel landmark features a large garden center within its premises. The Pet Centers are also popular in Makeman DIY Centers. Offered are adorable puppies, kittens, rabbits and fish.

A wide range of pet goods and trimming booths are conveniently available. Makeman accepts yen, as well as credit cards. Bilingual staff is available at the Mihama branch.

01:18 21 May , 2024