Renewed San-A Main place opens

San-A Naha Main Place celebrated its 10th anniversary on Oct. 1, and opened its remodeled concession area on the same day.

Featuring ten new tenants including two opening for the first time in Okinawa, and 54 existing tenant shops remodeled, a total of 112 tenants are now ready to serve shoppers at San-A Main Place as of Oct. 5.

The San-A Naha Main Place is scheduled to hold a renewal opening sale, and the 10th anniversary sale at each San-A department store, featuring a 10 % off clothes sale.

With reopening after remodeling, a clothing shop called “E Hyphen World Gallery PD” and a cosmetics shop called “Orbis The Shop” opened for the first time in Okinawa.

Regular tenants are also offering specials.

The San-A Main Place now boasts 18 more tenants since its opening.

14:49 25 May , 2024