Spanish modern art on display at Ryubo

Cristina Ravascali Serra is known for her coloful paintings often depicting flowers.

The treasures of Spanish culture and art are on display at the Ryubo Department Store through Monday, with some of the classics available for purchase.

The Ryubo Art Salon presents the ‘Spain Modern Artist Fair’, mainly paintings in oils by popular Spanish artists.  More than 50 original paintings by Spanish artists Elias Perez, Joan Guerrero, and Cristina Ravascali Serra are among those available for sale.  Perez was born in Cadiz in 1931, and worked as an art restorer, building his reputation on the basis of still life picture creation.

Female painter Cristina’s works are popular on Okinawa because the colorful paintings match Okinawa’s warm temperatures. Reds or yellows, flower art images of the Spanish sun, are compared often with the Okinawa’s sun.  As

More than 50 original oil paintings by modern Spanish artists are on display.

Spain is also famous for its pottery, there will be on display a pottery showplate made by Cearco.

Organizers say “autumn is the best season, and a good opportunity to know art.” The event runs daily 10:30 a.m. ~ 7:30 p.m. at the 7th floor of the Ryubo Department Store.  On Monday the gallery closes at 5 p.m.

  • David Chavez

    Does anybody know how long this event runs?

19:31 16 Apr , 2024