Taisho Era painter’s works on display at Urasoe Art Museum

This work of Takeshita is titled “April Fool.”

Artist and poet Yumeji Takeshita was warmly received by Japanese during the Taisho Era, when his works were called the Yumeji Formula Beauty because of his numerous paintings of beautiful women.

The artist, 1884~1934, was multi-talented, moving back and forth from juvenile magazines and illustrations for poems, writing poetry, songs, and fairy tales, all on top of his artistry in painting pictures of women that led to his being called the representative of the Taisho romance, with many people calling him the Taisho Ukiyoe artist.  As Takeshita developed his styles and techniques, he created a unique field of literary work, with music ultimately being attached to his poetry as “evening primrose”, drawing public acclaim as the nation fell in love with his music, humming and singing along.

Yumeji Takeshita’s works are on display through November 18that the Urasoe Art Museum.  The museum’s open daily

A humorous work titled “Father on Tree.”

9:30 a.m. ~ 5 p.m., except Fridays, when it remains open to 7 p.m.  The museum is closed on Mondays and holidays.  Admission to the Yumeji Takeshita exhibition is ¥600 in advance and ¥800 at the door for adultsw, and ¥150 in advance and ¥300 at the door for children.

Takeshita described his works as seeing a motion of a world, and then painting in circles of those days.  He described his works as a means of going to the time of dawn with a design of new applied art, and then tying it all together with popular culture.  In the last days of his life, he molded fine arts connected with the ordinary things of life.  Today, his concept is called the commercial art a.k.a. graphic design.

01:34 21 May , 2024