Two championship Tenkaichi matches upcoming Oct. 21st

Tenkaichi Super Fights on Oct 21 at Koza Music Town promises once again exciting and high class matches.

Okinawa’s Tenkaichi Super Fights is featuring three main events in its October 21st program, with two of the main matches being for titles.

The MMA Middle Weight Class Title Match pits Caveman against Maximum the Ryo.  Ryo, a mainland Japanese fighter, holds a Triple Crown from three MMA groups in western Japan, a total of three MMA titles.  He’s focusing on eastern Japan in the future, but not until he takes on Caveman, the current class champion and a member of the U.S. military.  Ryo says he’s looking forward to the fight, because it seems nobody in Okinawa really wants to fight him.

A Middle Weight Class match under kickboxing rules promises to be exciting.  Hiroto, a Japanese, is ranked at the top of all Japan, and he’s having difficulty getting competitors because he’s too strong.  Hiroto will take on a fighter


from Thailand, Puupanreck, who is ranked sixth in the Welterweight Class in Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Thailand, the country’s top kickboxing venue.  Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is known to deal only in high-level kickboxing.  This won’t be the first time a Japanese has taken on a Thai boxer, but Tenkaichi organizers say it’s rare when Japanese champions can pull out to win, even against lower ranking fighters from the Lumpinee.

Wild Seasar president Shiko Tomaru thinks so, too.  “This main event is the highest level match in kickboxing,” he says, “and even if this event were to be held in mainland Japan, it would be a major event. Puupanreck is really strong, so this battle’s outcome can’t be predicted.

Tomaru says the Bantamweight Class Title match is “a match that’s a good level to watch”.  It pits Yuta Yamashiro

Maximum the Ryo

against Gussan.  “This match is also at a good level,” says Tomaru, who predicts “it’s worth watching.”  A half-dozen American military fighters will also appear on the card this month.  Tomaru says “the Americanas will add some good scenes to the Tenkaichi Super Fight this time.”

The fight’s Sunday, Oct 21st  at Koza Music Town. Doors open at 3:30 p.m., with challenge bouts at 4 p.m. and the Super Fight at 5 p.m. Advance General admission is ¥3,500 or $45, with Ringside tickets ¥4,500 or $60. Special Ring Side seats are ¥5,500 or $75. All tickets are $5 more at the door. Tickets are available at the Mail Center at Kadena Air Base, 959-4524, or Camp Foster, 646-2911.










14:12 13 Jun , 2024