Asian Dining Bar A-Danny trying something different

A-Danny’s menu offers just about anything including 20 curries.

A curry house without the traditional Indian atmosphere and trappings is a concept being introduced by Asian Dining Bar A-Danny, and management thinks it will get Americans’ attention.

When thinking of a curry house in Okinawa, most people think Indian style and atmosphere, Indian music or Indian costume staff. At Asian dining bar A-Danny, things are totally a different.  Manager Akari Maeda says “We wanted to have a space that customers could be really relaxing and served genuine Indian curry.”

Her concept thinking is that “I know there are lot of Indian curry restaurants in Okinawa, and although they are great, I thought it would be OK to create an Indian Curry restaurant where customers could relax the same as in a Japanese style Izakaya pub.”  Maeda says he serves genuine Indian food cooked by a certified Indian cook, and what’s more, “customers can enjoy drinks at the bar counter after eating from a set menu. Or they could also just visit for a drink or two.

The bar invites for a drink.

Its really a different style curry restaurant where anybody is welcome, so if someone is not hungry in your group or family, just visit there and have a light food like fried chicken, fried potatoes or much more.  She says just drinking is fine, as the restaurant wants you to have relax at their special space.

A-Danny opened in the Kumoji district of Naha City near Kokusai Street four years ago. Their great menu attracted customers ofvarious nationalities, then they finally decided to move to Chatan where is more of a unique international market, and they also wanted to try to open a new style curry restaurant at Chatan. Maeda says they have confidence that their taste of curry makes lot of fans in Chatan, and that their new style curry restaurant will attract many customers.

The interior is stylish.

“My favorite curry in our restaurant is ‘Spinach and Lamb chops curry’,” Akari says, “We have almost 80 curries on the menu including vegetarian curry, and I love all, but especially this because it includes bunches of spinach and a tender lamb chop with mild curry!” “But the most popular curry by customers is the ‘Butter chicken curry,’” she smiles.

“Our lunch sets are really reasonable and Kids’ set is great for your kids, they must love it. Lunch set can be choose a curry from various kind on menu and tandoori chicken or garlic chicken, salad, naan, rice and drinks. Also our speciality is offering a choice of spicy levels, where customers choose from 10 times to 50 times! I sometimes am surprised that some customers likes 50 times level and he says that its really hot, but it’s good for me.”

A-Danny entrance with a take-out window on the left.

Another special is serving various kinds of beer. They carry dozens of international beers, as well as cocktails, whiskies, awamori, and non alcohol beer or cocktails too.Drinking specials are available that offer alcohol for 2 hours with only ¥1,500, so visiting just for drinking is fine.  Most of restaurant staff speak English as well, so Maeda tells people “don’t hesitate to ask anything. “

The atmosphere inside of the restaurant is almost like Pulau Bali, and background music will change depend on season or even weather of everyday. Of course they accept your song requests too.  There are 85 seats available, including a sofa seat and the bar counters. A huge parking lot available located at just behind of the restaurant.

Delivery service will be available soon, Maeda says, inviting people to visit the restaurant website, Yen, dollars and major credit cards are accepted, and Banquet service available, so ask in advance. English and picture menus are available.

During the restaurant’s Grand Opening campaign, get 20% coupon also at the website! Showing the page with your mobile phone will also get you the discount.

23:59 27 May , 2024