Cargoes presents “Flea Market @ Saion Square”

Customers hunt for bargains at last month’s flea market.

Black Friday, the infamous shopping day one day after Thanksgiving, is also the opening day of a Flea Market @ Saion Square sponsored by Cargoes.

The three-day flea market beginning on the busiest shopping day of the year will present a variety of small stores offering everything from handmade patchwork squares, organic foods and organic materials.  Dozens of vendors will be touting their wares, with good quality goods being offered at reasonable prices.

The flea market is presented by Cargoes, a shopping mall at Saion Square near the northern end of Kokusai Street in downtown Naha City.  The flea markets are held several times each year.  Each day’s flea market begins at 10 a.m. and ends when the customers go home in the evening.  The event runs November 23rd ~ 25th.

Sellers line up their wares along the hallways of Cargoes mall.

17:36 21 Apr , 2024