Gourmet food battle awaits patrons Saturday & Sunday

Many participating restaurants posted large photos of their creations on their stalls with explanations of the ingredients.

It’s the third battle of the kitchens as Chatan Town restaurants strive to create an entertainment event that gives life to local Okinawan foods.

The 3rd C-1 Chatan Gourmet Battle is set for this weekend in the public space in front of Chatan Sports Park’s baseball field.  This year’s competition presents a new menu that eateries and restaurants of Chatan Town are proud of, and introduce local delicacies.  Of course, on top of that, the battle will draw forth the chosen #1 local restaurant in the contest.

Last year’s Chatan B Class Gourmet Battle drew some 21,000 people across the two days,

Okinawan style Huli-Huli Chicken was Beach Tower Chatan’s entrance to the competition.

heightening interest levels over foods and “eating”, an activity that gets everyone’s attention.  The 2011 successes reinforced the need for a 3rd annual event, with renewed focus on bringing highlights of new special cooking in local restaurants, using local ingredients, to present the foods of Okinawa.

Participating restaurants are now registering to pit their rice dishes, breads, noodles and sweets against fellow chefs and cooks, with the general public casting the votes to decide who’s got the best foods in town.  The November 10th and 11th event, says Kiyoshi Tanada, Chatan Restaurant Business Association president, is when “every person who attends the battle will be a judge.  We hope everybody enjoys the gourmet battle of the highest caliber in Okinawa.”  The Chatan Gourmet Battle runs 11 a.m. ~ 5:30 p.m. both days.

Last year’s Chatan Gourmet Battle attracted plenty of people to cast their vote for the best meal in the Town.

The “C” in the C-1 in the event name stands for Chatan.  Display menus are being assembled from the local restaurants, which organizes expect to enter 30 dishes into the competition.  Participating entrée dishes are priced at ¥500~¥1,000 each.  Customers will purchase dishes entered in the competition, then cast votes as they select their favorites after eating them.

17:51 17 Apr , 2024