Kyoto Exhibition is latest Ryubo offering

A hand-made hair decoration from Kyoto.

One of the most popular annual prefectural exhibitions to be staged at Ryubo Department Store is back by public demand for another run.

A Kyoto Exhibition is now open, running through Nov. 12th on the department store’s 6th floor in Naha City’s Kumoji district.  Most of the shops operating at the venue are from Kyoto, and are traditional retailers of food or industrial arts.  Some vendors have 400 years worth of history, and the items being sold are made by traditional techniques or form.

Items at this Kyoto Exhibition are a mix of lovely Japanese style and Western style confectioneries, Bento boxes by a fancy Kyoto restaurant, miso, sesame oils, chicken, fried eggs, raw soy milk, and pickled vegetables, to note a few.   Both Kyoto City and Ryubo invite

Kyoto sweets are famous in all Japan.

visitors to try the tasty and sensitive foods.

Crafts are a part of the exhibition, too.  Elegant incense, Japanese fans, colorful chopsticks, bags or Nisahijin-brocades are being sold, as are dolls of the oriental zodiac for next year.  There are also new seasonal items from Kyoto.

The Kyoto Exhibition is open daily 10:30 a.m. ~ 7:30 p.m., except Monday, when the exhibition closes at 6 p.m.

Kyoto-style snack for lunch.

Intricate handkerchiefs.

06:25 17 Apr , 2024