Orion introduces new malt Mugi no Shizuku

Orion Brewery Company has introduced a new malt beer to the Okinawa market.

“Orion Mugi no Shizuku” hit supermarket and bar shelves Tuesday, targeted at consumers, who drink alcohol at home frequently.

Mugi no Shizuku’s specialties are a good taste of malt and a good smell of aroma hops, both of which enhance dining and make it a more pleasant time. Its not a beer actually, but its malt content that is the highest of Orion line of products gives it a distinctive taste.  The aroma of the hops gives it a distinctly European and American scent, at a moderate 5% alcohol.

The packaging of Mugi no Shizuku gives a green image. The prices for Mugi no Shizuku are ¥137 for a 350ml can, and  ¥191 for a 500ml can. Orion predicts first-year sales for Mugi no Shizuku at 4,300,000 cans sold and consumed.

10:31 23 Jun , 2024