Ramen Kameya taste is uniquely different

Ramen Kameya’s colorful street front is easy to recognize.

The ramen being served at Ramen Kameya, a ramen restaurant that opened little more than three months ago in Okinawa City, comes with a unique taste unlike the normal pork bone soup ramen.

The exact recipe, which is a concoction of a variety of ingredients, is manager Chohei Kameya’s closely guarded secret,  In any case, the taste of Kameya’s ramen is considerably lighter compared to that in most other ramen joints.

Ramen & sushi set

There are five kinds of ramen to choose from, including miso, salt, soy sauce, roast pork and tomato, the most popular being the tomato ramen.  Kameya says that “You can imagine easily tomato ramen being a bit like minestrone with noodles. Almost every first-time customer chooses the tomato ramen because it arouses their curiosity, and something that you don’t find in other shops. Often those customers then become regulars because our ramen is so tasty.”

In the beginning, Kameya had just one set-menu, a ramen and gyoza set, but they added a ramen and curry set, fried rice and gyoza set and ramen and sushi set. Besides the ramen and sushi set, all set menus cost ¥850. The ramen and sushi set costs ¥1,000.  Guests choose the flavor of ramen in those sets from Miso, salt and soy sauce. They can also choose to add slices of roasted pork or tomato at an additional ¥100 or ¥150 respectively.  All sets have volume to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.

Not many restaurants serve ramen with sushi as a set, so it has become one of the attractions of

Clean and effective interior.

Kameya customers to be able to eat ramen and sushi in the same meal. The set contains seven pieces of sushi including tuna, salmon, squid, shrimp and egg.  Kameya is positive about the popularity of his sets, and promises “We may increase the number of sets in the future, if customers so want.”

Of course Kameya serves extra toppings to the ramen such as butter, corn and soft-boiled egg. Kameya recommends butter topping for those feeling that the taste of the broth is too light. And an extra helping of noodles is also possible by paying an extra ¥100.  Take out orders of gyoza, fried rice or curry is also popular.

Ramen Kameya has an English language menu available, and picture images of the items are on the menu, so you can see what you get when ordering.

Free parking for more than 15 cars is available at the side of the restaurant’s building.  Manager Kameya says “We have plenty of confidence in our ramen’s taste. And we put our hearts on making you special ramen. So, please come and enjoy.”

Ramen Kameya is open from 11:00 a.m.  to midnight with last orders at 11:30 p.m.. The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays. Reservations and take orders can be placed at (098) 937-7975.   Ramen Kameya is located at the corner of Misato crossing. To get there go out KAB Gate 2, turn left at the first signal, and go straight on Road 85 towards Ikento. Then turn right at the signal under the blue overpass and Koza used cars on the left, go straight on road 85 passing Okinawa City Main Fire Station on your left hand, and turn left on signal at a big intersection called “Misato crossing.” Ramen Kameya is on your left right after the turn.

13:50 04 Mar , 2024