Shuri textiles showcased at Tembus Hall

Traditional Shuri textiles are showcased at Naha’s Tembus Hall on Kokusai Street at a four-day exhibition starting on Nov. 15.

Traditional Okinawa textiles trace all the way back to the Ryukyu Dynasty, where they first were rated as highest quality and sophisticated in design.

Those traditional textiles are going to be on display beginning November 15th for four days at the 36th Shuri Textile Fabric Exhibition at the Naha City Culture Tembus Hall on Kokusai Street.  Admission to the exhibition, which runs 10 a.m. ~ 6 p..m. through the 18th, is free.  The exhibition is on the Tembus Hall 3rd floor.

The exhibition has allied the island’s artisans, with all union members banding together to

Coasters made of Shuri-style fabric.

produce products and participate in the event.  The unique nature of Shuri textile fabric is that it dates back some 500 years to the 14th & 15th century, when the Ryukyu Kingdom was trading actively with Southeast Asia and China.  Okinawa artisans studied the technology of textile fabric by the exchange, and have been passing it on through the centuries.

Individuality is a key byproduct of Ryukyu textiles, a blending of tradition with individual efforts.  Although Okinawa is called a “technical

“Shuri” neckties are also available.

treasury”, a characteristic thing in a textile fabric is inherited in various parts within Okinawa Prefecture.  Even within, in Shuri, which prospered as a castle town of the Shuri royal government, textile fabrics for the aristocracy of royal government and samurai family are high quality, soft appearance and beautiful.  Those attributes continue today.

01:41 22 May , 2024