Sou Sou apparel collection on show at Café Unizon

Cafe Unizon is a unique mix of a showroom, retail shop and cafe.

A relatively new clothing brand on Okinawa is going to be presented to the public starting November 7th at Café Unizon during its November 2012 Sou Sou Clothing and Dress Exhibition.

Sou Sou’s creations are designed to be very comfortable to wear while strictly based on Japanese traditions.

The eclectic café located just outside the fence from Futenma Housing area and the new U.S. Navy Hospital under construction, is offering the nearly four-week free exhibition at its premises.  It is reintroducing Sou Sou, a clothing brand from Kyoto that entered the Okinawa market last October for the first time, and has been proposing Japanese traditional cloth and textiles based on the concept of creating new Japanese culture.

Sou Sou decided to have an exhibition for a second time because the first at the grand opening was a huge success.  The Sou Sou brand is famous even overseas, and celebrities love it because it’s not only good designs, but values Japanese traditional culture in production.  Its designs are centered around the elements of Japanese traditional cloth being very comfortable to wear, and suitable for the Okinawa climate.

Café Unizon will sell recommended items specially selected for Okinawa at its second floor MIX Life-Style salon in Aragusuku, Ginowan City.  The main characteristics of Sou Sou is a concept of “a modern design that is an extension of Japanese culture”, using Japanese traditional techniques.  Designs are sophisticated, pop and modern, and are made by craftsmen with clear technology, which makes the genuine Japanese articles every time.  All, says Sou Sou, are beautiful and excel in functionality, as can be seen at the exhibition.  The Café Unizon Exhibition is an opportunity to study the designs and materials, taking them in hand.

Rubber-soled sandals are very popular among Sou Sou creations.

Sou Sou is the brand which makes and sells rubber-soled tabi sandals, kimonos, handkerchiefs and other items using original textiles based on a concept of combining modern design with an extension of Japanese tradition.   The brand was created in 2001 by people like Katsuji Wakisaka, a textile designer, Hisanobu Tsujimura, an architect, and Takeyuki Wakabayashi, a producer.  Together, they came up with the name Sou Sou from the Japanese common phrase sou sou meaning ‘responding’.  The company’s goal now is to try to check,

Colorful shopping bag is another practical everyday item in the collection.

discover and develop each other, building society by using the Sou Sou phrase with respect when thinking about both themselves and their projects.

The exhibition runs daily from Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. ~ 10 p.m., at Café Unizon.  From Foster Legion Gate, turn right on Highway 330, going straight past Futenma Shrine, and the housing gate.  Unizon is on the left, about 200 meters after the gate.  Some free parking is available in front of the Café.  Café Unizon is on the web at, and is also on Facebook and Twitter.

13:01 25 May , 2024