Amateur All Japan Photo Exhibition recognizes student achievements

Osamu Toguchi’s photo “Dangerous!” of fighting bulls won an Okinawa Excellence Award.

A five-day photo exhibition featuring the works of amateur photographers from across Japan is set to start at the Urasoe Museum of Art next Tuesday.

The All Japan Photograph Exhibition is free to the public.  “Photographing the Present Age” is the exhibition theme, presenting 154 works from high school students, each photo expressing different viewpoints by the photographer.  Some center on personal appearance, while others on customs and politics, while others view economic fields, and still others see the instant to be the “Present Age”.

High school students’ works are being displayed throughout the country’s prefectures, and in Okinawa, students are receiving superb evaluations for their efforts.  Prizes are to be awarded to the top exhibitors.




Two pictures from Hikari Koki’s silver medal winning photo series “Children of Sakaemachi Market.”

06:25 30 May , 2024