Gardening tips, exhibits lead Big Plant Market ‘Green Fest’

Green Fest plant market is held at Okinawa City Farmers Training Center in Noborikawa, on a field next to the popular JA Farmers’ Market.

It’s environmentally friendly, to say the least, as the Okinawa City Farmers Training Center offers up a ten-day Big Plant Market “Green Fest’.

The programs, which include exhibits and a spot sales corner, plus gardening classes, begin tomorrow and run through Sunday, December 16th.  The Big Plant Market ‘Green Fest’ takes place at the Farmers’ Training Center in Noborikawa, in Okinawa City.  The popular sales corner will feature farmers selling foliage plants, tropical fruit, landscaping trees, petals, bonsai, manure and gardening materials being offered cheaper than market value. Pick up some tools for gardening and get a head start on your garden.”

The gardening classes are on weekdays next week.  Monday’s class from 2 p.m. ~  4 p.m. teaches layering practical techniques and instruction.  Tuesday afternoon’s gardening class is practical techniques instruction, coupled with guidance on planting.  The Wednesday afternoon class is on grafting, while bonsai is the topic on Thursday.  How to cause Bougainvillea to bloom is the lesson for Friday, December 14th.  All classes are 2 p.m. ~ 4 p.m. at the training center.

The Okinawa City Farmers’ Training Center is in Noborikawa district of Okinawa City.  To get there, exit Kadena Air Base Chibana Gate and go past Camp Shields.  The market is on the left, just before Route 329 intersection.

07:15 30 May , 2024