Healing Art Exhibition starts 11th at Okinawa Prefectural Museum

Artist Naomi Uechi creates healing art with bright and vivid colors.

The exhibition title at first sounds a little different, because healing art doesn’t seem quite right, but once the meaning is understood, it all makes sense.

Healing art means “the art aiming to the effect of creating a fresh feeling, and calming down the hear and nerves,” say the show’s organizers at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum.  The show will be at the museum for a five-day run starting next Tuesday, and running through Sunday the 16th.  Admission is free.

The exhibition considers the expressive medium in various art fields, including pictures, paintings, sculptures, objects, images, interactive art and music.  The program is concerned with a construction plan, an interior coordination, and a color coordination tying art as a part of an environmental plan.  The point is whether the healing effects fit the space, and how a user’s feelings soften what’s being viewed.

The exhibition is the work of Naomi Uechi, one of the healing artists on Okinawa.  All products in the exhibition are hers.  Bright and vivid colors are used in her works, which she wants to appear as the Earth and Universe.

06:55 30 May , 2024