Healing Paradise Program set for Convention Center

The Healing Paradise event offers visitors a chance to experience different treatments and products first hand.

The Okinawa Healing Paradise special program is set for this Sunday at the Ginowan Convention Center.

This marks the 9th time the Healing Paradise program is being presented in Okinawa, growing since its first showing in 2009.  Although Okinawa is prosperous in workshops and seminars relevant to healing, there’s still a lot not harnessed or mastered.  That’s the theme for the Healing Paradise, setting out directions toward identifying problems and then determining how to resolve them through schools and special visits.

Industry promotion’s another direction for the event, which is similar to a healing trade

Herbs and other healing and beauty products are on display and sale at the event.

fair, where visitors can experience various healing at trial prices in various exhibitor booths.  Some exhibitors can communicate in English, and some cannot.  Exhibits feature a variety of activities from aromatherapy, manual therapeutics, various fortune telling, chi kung and healing art.  Activities will be actually performed at the booths, exhibits and stores, such as at a healing salon.

Admission to the Exhibition at the Okinawa Convention Center is free.  Individual activities, once in the Healing Paradise, have fees and charges.

06:11 30 May , 2024