Makeman makes holidays pet-special with a Pet Fair

Makeman Mihama’s Pet Fair offers a wide variety of pets, pet products and services at bargain prices through Christmas Day.

Dogs, cats and other pets may not appreciate the holiday season quite the way their humans do, but it’s a cinch they’re excited about going to the Makeman Mihama DIY Center for Pet Fair that’s all about them.

The Pet Fair, which runs through Christmas Day at the Mihama branch of Makeman, has a little bit of everything going on, from introductions to the cutest puppies in the world, including poodles, Yorkshire terriers and miniature dachshunds, to great deals on pet foods, leads, collars and other goods, and specials to get the family pet all spiffy and ready for Christmas.

During this Pet Fair, look for specials on dog trimming, starting with a Shampoo Course that includes nail clipping, ear cleaning and trimming the hair between paws, all for ¥1,400 for small dogs, ¥2,800 for medium dogs and ¥4,200 for large dogs.  Kick it up a notch and go for the Hair Cut Course, which is the Shampoo course plus the hair cutting.  It is only ¥3,200 for small dogs, ¥4,200 for medium size dogs and ¥5,800 for large dogs.  Reservations are required for all doggie participants in these courses, at (098) 982-7300.

Makeman’s Pet Fair isn’t limiting itself to dogs, or dogs and cats, but also has hamsters, birds, turtles and fish.  All animals and fish are on sale. Makeman thinks one will make a great addition to your household.

01:15 31 May , 2024