National chain deals high-end pawn operations

Daikokuya Branch Manager Shingyo Matayoshi checks a watch for evaluation.

A national chain of shops specializing in buying and selling brand-name bags, watches, precious metals, mobile phones and even gift vouchers is now open.

Daikokuya Misato branch buys customers’ unneeded stuff such as brand-name bags, brand-name watches, gift vouchers, gold, platinum and silver, and mobile phones. They purchase brand-name bags such as Luis Vuitton, Gucci, and Hermes, brand-name watches such as Rolex, Omega, and Bvlgari, and gold, platinum or silver jewelry.

The shop’s main business is buying and selling, and currency exchange. Daikokuya always checks the current price of exchange, gold, platinum and silver, and the staff at the shop has been trained in assessing the value of various merchandise in Tokyo before they start working at Daikokuya.

Shingyo Matayoshi, the Daikokuya Misato branch manager, says customers can sell unneeded goods with safety and confidence.  “We want to buy brand watches, especially Rolex because we have a shortage of stock of Rolex watches in our all branches.”  If someone has an old style or unneeded Rolex watch and visits Daikokuya, the shop may purchase the watch for good price. Matayoshi adds “Of course we welcome other brand items, too, so if you have unneeded stuff, why not sell it to us, get cash and buy something new?”

Daikokuya is easy to recognize.

The assessment of the value of an item is free, and will normally take only 5 ~ 10 minutes for gold, platinum and silver.  Daikokuya will purchase gold, platinum and silver accessory rings, necklaces and even broken accessories as the value is assessed per weight.

Daikokuya cannot return a purchase after their purchase, and purchases are in yen only.  Matayoshi says he has plenty of confidence in their rates of exchange, particularly purchasing gold and platinum.

He encourages folks to “Please come to our shop at once. You can judge whether to sell your stuff after seeing the assessed price.  We will purchase your goods for the best price in Okinawa. When you sell your stuff, you should bring some ID such as driver’s license.”

Exchanging dollars and yen is acceptable for paper money, even in large   quantities, but Daikokuya will not deal in coins. Exchange rate updates are done at about 10:30 a.m. each day, and if you visit earlier in the morning the exchange will be done at the previous day’s rate. Of course there is no extra fee for currency exchange.

Daikokuya Misato branch is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

Phone calls can be made to Tel: (098) 979-0377 but in Japanese Only.  Daikokuya Misato branch is located on prefectural road 75.  From Kadena AB Gate 2, turn left at Goya Crossing, and go straight towards Camp Courtney. You can find the shop on the left hand opposite of Docomo Shop near a big intersection close to San-A Gushikawa Main City department store.

02:07 31 May , 2024