Santa’s ready for pets at Coo & Riku

Coo & Riku is expecting the arrival of a number of rare breed puppies just in time for Christmas.

One of the largest and best known pet shop chains in Japan, called “Coo & Riku” is holding Christmas Campaign, operating from its new location in Urasoe City.

Coo & Riku moved their shop in June because they had outgrown their facilities and the new building across the street was larger to allow for increased pet supplies.  An expansion of an earlier Urasoe City branch, the new location on Highway 58 has doubled in size, increasing both the number of pets being offered for sale, and the pet supplies available for sale. Pets are welcome to accompany their owners at the Coo & Riku store.

Puppies are waiting for their new owners in Coo & Riku pet store.

The first floor is a shopper’s paradise, with more than 3,000 pet items available, set up by category to make it easy to find just the right item quickly. The pet sales section is also on the first floor. Sofas are set in front of the cages so potential buyers can ask a staff member to bring a pet from its cage to spend some one-on-one time to see if the animal’s “just right”. Coo & Riku has some staff members who speak English, who are identified by their unique ID tags. Coo & Riku also offers a choice of 4,000 pets from their 61 branches across Japan through their website, Moving the pet from any of the branches within Japan to Okinawa is free up to two pets per person.

This time, Coo & Riku holds special Christmas campaign in December.  If you buy any goods, (not pets), or use any facilities totaling more than ¥3,000 in one day, and bring the same date receipts to the register, and you can challenge a lottery for each ¥3,000. The lottery is infallible; the first place prize is Coo & Riku’s ¥5,000 gift voucher, second is Coo & Riku’s ¥3,000 gift voucher, and third is wet tissue.

Coo & Riku has a large selection of Christmas presents specifically for pets.

Coo & Riku is also selling Christmas present bags for pets; ¥1,000 or ¥500 present bags for dogs, and ¥1,000 present bags for cats. Snacks, toys, towels and more are in the bags.

Coo & Riku is also offering another special campaign collaborating with Japan Update.  If you purchase a pet costing over ¥60,000 and say “I saw the ad or story of Coo & Riku in Japan Update” when paying at register, Coo & Riku will discount ¥10,000 from the cost.  This campaign will continue through Jan. 14.

Coo & Riku cannot sell pets after 8:00 p.m. because of the Animal Protection Law, and the pets’ prices do not include vaccination.  An English speaking staff of Coo & Riku, Emiko Noecker said “We will be receiving rare dogs; so please visit our shop with your family, and have fun buying pet supplies, spending good time in the café and watching the rare pets! And also, we have a pet hotel for stays up to one week, and a trimming service in our branch. Your pet will be glad to be taken good care of.”

Coo & RIku is open seven days a week, year around, from 10 a.m. ~ 9 p.m.

Animal enthusiasts can visit Credit cards and yen are accepted.  Call (098) 873-3255, and if you need English support, please ask for “Emiko”. The store is located on Highway 58 between Camp Kinser and Foster. When heading south, past the Okinawa Baptist Church, Coo & Riku is in the three-story building on the left side, near the big tire.

01:38 31 May , 2024