Bokunen Exhibition in Mihama recognizes popular Okinawan

Two of Bokunen’s large prints are ready for observation and to awaken viewer’s “power of human.”

Bokunen Naka is one of Okinawa’s most popular artists, specializing in a back hand color printing.

The artist, born on Izena Island in 1953, has applied his talents to print works made by the technique, which involves first a carved wooden block, and then attachment of the “hit” of the grade which cannot be be a sketch in India ink.  Bokunen engraves the wooden block with enthusiasm and fervor, which he says comes to him via prayer.

Once a Bokunen creation is carved, it goes to print with a “strong, insect-repellant paper made from the stem of the shell flower”, a paper which is made from a raw plant material of Okinawa known as a month peace.  The nearly finished paper is then turned over and skillful application of colors at a stretch, and the work is done.

Bokunen’s Akara Gallery and Art Museum is located in an irregularly-shaped building in the newest section of Depot Island.

This exhibition, which runs at the Bokunen Art Museums on the second floor of the Museum Ridge in Depot Island, Mihama, runs through March 10th.  The museum is open daily 11 a.m. ~ 9 p.m.  Admission is ¥500 for adults and high school students, and ¥300 for younger students.  The gallery is free for children under age five.  The simple title serves as a “sender-human being” of the third copy in the “letter to man” series.  The total number of exhibitions by Bokunen now exceeds 30, including several voluminous works.

The series start is with the “sender-flower”, and the 2nd copy is the “sender-living thing” theme.  Bokunen says his thought for this show is applying the “power of human” that man masters, “the power of plant” and the “power of animal” which are conceived on the inside to provide sufficient balance.  He believes that the “power of human” clears everything for the future world.

12:00 28 Feb , 2024