Chimu Chimu Market specializes in handmade items

Itoman Chimu Chimu Market is set up as a meeting place where people can offer their handmade goods and enjoy music, entertainment and good food at the same time.

It’s the last Sunday of an odd-numbered month, and in Itoman City that means it’s time for the Chimu Chimu Market, a special handmade market that caters to visitors’ old fashioned wants and needs, but also offers music, food, fashion and culture.

The Chimu Chimu Market is Sunday from 10 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. at the Itoman City Public Market, also known as the Itoman City Central Market, 989 Itoman, Itoman City.  The market features not only

Chimu Chimu Market also features entertainment.

stores, but presents live music throughout the day for visitors to enjoy while they shop, eat and drink, and soak up the fashion and culture.

Organizers call the market “the public market which has left a touch of the nostalgia from a child, and the town that was in the lunar calendar, leaving a place in the public stream.”  He says, though, that the public market is caught up in “buying the handmade things from people” who are away from the hustle and bustle of today.  It’s a place where “people come into contact with other people”, a concept that is dying in many places.  He says “If people leave this place now, it will be wasteful, so I want this place to be better known, and I want it to be a pleasant thing.”

The Chimu Chimu Market spokesman says of the market, “I want it to become prosperity in the town of Itoman.”  He calls it the market that started with wishes, and now is a success.  Admission is free.

18:28 21 Apr , 2024