Giant air swings have circus-goers holding breath

There’s plenty of excitement at a circus, and the Kinoshita Circus now performing in Tomigusuku City is no exception, featuring a giant air swing called the Wheel of Death.

Two huge cylindrical wheels are connected about five meters apart, with two people wrapping themselves in white clothes to begin walking around the wheels.  While the men are separated in the two wheels, they must maintain balance.  It’s a breath-taking or breath-holding performance, as there’s no lifeline anywhere near the men, who are spinning at a height fifteen meters above the ground.  Cheers turn to screams as the rotation speeds up.

The Wheel of Death fills circus-goers with a sense of tension and thrills.  One of the two Ukrainian natives appearing in the show will walk along outside the ring.  The Wheel of Death is new to the Kinoshita Circus, Japan’s oldest circus at 110 years.  The circus runs through February 3rd, with general admission advance free seat tickets ¥2,400 for adults and ¥1,400 for kidsm, first come, first served.

The circus is at Toyosaki Town, 3-35 Toyosaki, in Tomigusuku City.

10:54 28 Feb , 2024