Rakuichi Rakuza to perform at Music Town Otoichiba

The main point of the acclaimed theater troupe Rakuichi Rakuza is that they perform in open spaces without roof or walls.

A family theater group traveling Japan on a year-long presentation of its latest open-air drama is on stage in Okinawa on Wednesday.

Rakuichi Rakuza, a three-person family touring group, has been criss-crossing Japan since last April, and will wind down its “Treasure Island” stage show at Music Town Otoichiba Wednesday from 7 ~ 8:30 p.m.  The performance is free, but donations are welcome from patrons.

Theater group “Rakuichi Rakuza” formed in May, 1991 completed its 20th year in 2011. “Rakuichi Rakuza” has carried out various trials, such as performances in the field stage and amphitheater which perform a pageant at a base and have depth in it in Osaka. The field amphitheater of a dome shape tent was created in 1998.

From 2003,  five years after, only the stage top was made into the field amphitheater of a well, and it arrived at the perfect open-air theater which has neither a roof nor a wall.  There is neither a roof nor a wall and the play melted into the surrounding scenery completely by having reached the field amphitheater which arranged the pipe chair in around the stage.

Originally, various entertainments were performed out in the fields. Although there are also many inconvenient places compared with a theater, there is a sense of togetherness with a place from which something gets down.

In 2010, “Rakuichi Rakuza” decided to take a trip on a new adventure, wanting to present their unique style of entertainment to more of Japan.  Their stage setting and household goods are stuffed into two trucks, and the trio travels in them as they make their way around the country.  They’ll be performing until March.

00:06 26 Feb , 2024