48 bars sign up for Bar Walk Naha

The main idea is to collect a group of friends together and enjoy.

Bar Walk Naha is a new concept to Okinawa, bringing together 48 local bars and restaurants to mix-and-mingle with the public across a one-week excursion of bar hopping.

Patterned after the successful Bar Walk Fukuoka, which has been executed four times, the Bar Walk Naha will feature

Participants purchase a sheet of coupons that can be used in participating bars and restaurants over a period of one week starting Saturday.

French, Italian and Spanish restaurants, including excitement of flamenco and traditional performing arts, so visitors get a taste of culture as well as food and drink.  The idea is that people go out with several friends, and visit multiple bars in the course of an evening.

Bar Walk Naha takes place Saturday, February 23rd ~ Saturday, March 2nd, from 3 p.m. ~ midnight.  The way the system works is that participants go to one of more than a dozen locations to purchase tickets for ¥3,500, which gets five tickets.  Participants will receive a map showing the 48 participating bars and restaurants.

As participants choose their spots to visit, they use the five tickets, each worth ¥700 to try the cuisine or beverages.  The concept stems from ‘Bar’ which means a coffee shop, a

Various kinds of foods are also included in the program.

Some of the bars have live entertainment like flamenco.

stand-up drinking tavern, a dining room and a social place in Spain.  Bars are lively from early morning to late night, and are an indispensable part of Spanish live.  Most have no chairs, leaving visitors to stand, eat and drink, and chat.  That’s the way the Bar Walk Naha will go.

Bar Walk Naha tickets are available in advance for ¥3,500 at Play Guide on the 7th floor in Okinawa Mitsukoshi, Play Guide on the 8th Floor of Ryubo, Takara Records on Kokusai Street, Naha City Tourist Office in Makishi, Toyosaki office of OTS rental in Tomigusuku, Okinawa Tourist main office in Matsuo, Naha, Coop Okinawa Apple Town, in Omoromachi, and at major hotels in Naha.  Tickets purchased at the time the Bar Walk Naha begins will be ¥4,000.

09:51 23 Jun , 2024