American Kitchen offers impossible-to-beat menu

American Kitchen is easy to notice for its red signboards. Plenty of free parking is available.

The owners jokingly call the American Kitchen a one-stop shop.

If you want good, hot cheese beef steak subs, large tacos, spicy hot dogs, the best of East-Asian curries, great pizza, then this is the place to go.

If it’s the Beef Curry or the Chicken Thai Curry simmered in coconut milk, you will never go back to that other place. And the price is right, too, with steamed rice only ¥650.

The there are delicious fresh soups, prepared every morning, Italian Minestrone and American Clam Chowder. They are so good that some customers have soup with their breakfast. As the owners say, “We at American Kitchen do not believe in can openers.”

The pizzas are large. Most places that serve pizza have a 25 cm size, but not here. Theirs are 29 cm medium and a 36 cm large with a popular assortment of toppings to choose from. Their best seller is the Italian, for which they make their own Italian sausage from fresh island pork. Margherita Pizzas are made with fresh basil; all herbs at the American Kitchen are grown in their own garden for the

Pancakes are the American Kitchen specialty served with cane syrup and good coffee.

The regular pizza is larger than in most other places at 29 cm in diameter.

best of freshness. Pizza prices start at ¥1,100 for the medium size and ¥1,800 for the large size.

The pancakes are griddled from the Rose Garden’s secret pancake recipe. Pancakes are served from 7 a.m. to closing time. Breakfast pancakes with bacon, ham or sausage. The eggs come from local farms.

The best part about the pancakes is that they are light and fluffy, served with cane syrup and butter with re-fills of good hot  Arabica espresso coffee, for only ¥500. You can also have your pancakes with banana chocolate, caramel apples, mixed berries or sweet anko beans.

The espresso coffees are brewed with fresh ground Arabica Coffee beans, and can be had in variations like Café Latte, Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato and more. A cup of fresh roasted coffee starts at \120.

A fresh baked scone served with fresh whipped cream, a choice of strawberry or blueberry jam, with hot Arabica coffee with re-fills costs ¥300. The scones are available for take out.

For dining in, the American Kitchen has a nice clean comfortable atmosphere. All menu items are available for fast take out. In addition, you may call in for fast take out service 930-1313. The orders of your choice will be ready upon your arrival.

Both Japanese yen and U.S. dollars are accepted. The restaurant is located across the

The outdoor terrace is an excellent place to enjoy a cup of refreshing coffee.

main street from Sakumoto DIY shop parking lot in Yamauchi, Okinawa City, a few hundred meters straight out from Kadena AB High School Gate Five.

18:00 28 Feb , 2024