Ceramic Art Shusei Exhibition to appear at Itoman Street Station

All Shusei works are for sale and ready for use.

Cups, mugs, coffee cups and alcohol containers are all products designed for daily use but specially made as Ceramic Art Shusei will be available to the public starting today at Street Station Itoman.

Ceramics producer Shusei, who normally works from Yomitan Village, will be running the exhibition at the Itoman City Products Center Yu Ku Ra in Itoman’s Nishizaki district. Admission is free Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.  The simple balck and white and brown products are being exhibited and available for sale.

Shusei is one of Yomitan Village’s most famous ceramic artists.  Born in Kumamoto City

Items run a gamut of bowls to cups and jars.

in 1970, he began his ceramic artistry career in 2000 after moving to Okinawa.  He’s created many ceramic products, and in 2009 moved to the hub of one of Okinawa’s ceramics empires, Yomitan Village, where he opened his own studio.  Shusei has studied Okinawan style ceramics pottery, and has won prizes including the Craft in Okinawa 2012 award.

17:14 27 Feb , 2024