Christian Lassen to join marine art exhibition

Christian Lassen has recently started incorporating Disney characters in his paintings like this “Aril’s New Friend.”

An authority on marine art is joining Okinawa Convention Center for a special Ocean Angels 2 exhibition of 100 marine art works going on display February 8th ~ 11th.

Christian Lassen, who moved to Maui Island in the state of Hawaii from California at age 11, meets with the whale swimming under water in the first sea set on display.  Lassen’s so impressed by the magnificence of the whales, he began drawing marine pictures.  He views the sea and marine organisms has having been filled with infinite

Artist Christian Lassen

love through marine art.  Since he reached that conclusion, he’s created dozens of masterpieces.

Lassen says he desires reconciliation with Nature, and believes humans should be engaged in the natural environment protection activities.  He’s been working since its establishment with Sea Vision Foundation, a natural environment protection organization. He’s also been elected goodwill ambassador of F.U.N., which is a non-governmental organization working on Ocean Year of the United Nations.

Although Lassen’s love affair with dolphins and whales is evident, his artistry is captured in the vibrant full colors of all aspects of the ocean.  Lassen, who’s been painting for 20 years and calls “Painting my life’s long journey,” spends time in the water as a surfer and diver.

The free Exhibition at the Okinawa Convention Center runs from February 8th ~ 11th, 1 p.m. ~ 7 p.m.  Artist Christian Lassen will make a personal appearance at the exhibition on February 11th.

04:44 15 Jul , 2024