Couple robbed of million yen at knifepoint in Itoman

A couple attempting to make a night deposit at a bank of the day’s proceedings of the company they work for, was robbed at a knifepoint in Itoman, midnight on Sunday.

According to Itoman Police, the man and woman had a million yen in cash in a bag, and as they stopped by Okinawa Bank Nishizaki Branch office to deposit the money, a man wielding a knife approached the couple from behind, threatened them with a knife, and grabbed the bag containing the cash from the woman, and ran away. Neither of the two was injured.

Itoman Police is looking for the suspect who they describe as being 170~175 cm tall and stocky built. He wore a ski mask and was clad in black clothes.

The couple told investigators that the man appeared from the bank parking lot, pulled a knife on them, but did not say a word. He then grabbed the bag.

The couple works for a company that runs convenience stores and souvenir shops. The couple came to the bank to deposit daily proceeds from two of the stores.

The site where the robbery occurred is a relatively busy area with a supermarket, park, restaurants and a convenience store in the neighborhood. Also, a police box is close by.

19:24 28 Feb , 2024